About Us

About Us

Where it all began…

Like most properties in this picturesque area of Melbourne, Riverlea Estate was originally a flourishing apple and pear orchard.

The 14-acre property was purchased by previous owners in 1983 to turn it into a much sought-after wedding venue.
At the time, the property consisted of a modest farmhouse and stables.
In 1984, the owners started to create a rustic function venue. As part of this, they planted a six-acre vineyard with red and white grapes and began to produce their own Riverlea Estate wine. The vineyard still exists today.

They built the signature u-shaped, slate roofed, white house and converted the stables into the 1912 restaurant – named after the date the original property title was signed.
Around this time, a cellar was also constructed below the restaurant where small functions and music nights were held.

Later, the main white house was converted and used as a wedding venue to compliment the Restaurant 1912.

About Us

New beginnings…

Local to the Doncaster area, the Bell Brothers originally built tennis courts and decided to turn their hands to property development. They then purchased a well-known restaurant and pottery venue and turned it into a thriving Wedding venue. After gaining the experience of running a successful function venue, they then purchased Riverlea Estate in 2009 as they loved the glorious acreage, and they could see the potential in the existing quaint venue.

In 2010, they set about constructing their dream function venue.

They transformed the white house into what is now known as the signature Apple Blossom room adding another level of style and elegance to this jaw dropping venue.

The Bell Brothers completed the construction of the majestic portico, which is a showpiece for any event or function and embarked on the extensive excavations to redesigned and construct:

Riverlea Estate has been a labour of love for this talented duo. Their vision was to create a dream venue and we think the results speak for themselves.